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1 Hotel South Beach, Miami, USA

Art in Nature

“It’s simple. We have an impact on nature and nature has an impact on us.”

said Barry Sternlicht, Chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group, the parent of SH Group, a

lifestyle hotel brand management company who will manage the hotels.

The first of three – South Beach, the hotel brand new 1 Hotel found a place under the burning sun of Miami. In the area with a strong art deco on Collins Avenue, in the even more notable building built in 1925, which was previously hosted the hotel Roney Plaza, today opened the doors state-of-the-art 1 Hotel South Beach.

The Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay always been alongside. Views of the water surface enchant, dazzles and calms down. But a new approach to hospitality is being born now. It offers to bring in a temporary home everything we want to see around lifelong – being one with nature, enjoying its benefits and beauty.

A new concept of social-conscious hospitality manifests itself in design, service, food and entertainment, in everything where people are involved. The hotel is just over 400 rooms, designed by Meyer Davis Studio. Local natural materials were used for construction and furniture making. Recycled materials were used wherever it was possible. All parts are designed for the manifestation of nature without sacrificing style and comfort, as well as with the least impact on the environment.

The beauty of natural wood texture, variety in its colours and composition of living plants bathe in natural light coming through the floor to ceiling windows. Little blue and yellow elements in the decor, driftwood accompanied by a comfortable sofa bed – that is how a 1 Hotel South Beach room looks like. The interior crowned with 100% natural linen, hemp mattresses, socks instead of slippers to bring to you home comfort, yoga mats to achieve zen, coat hangers are made from recycled paper and the traditional cards “do not disturb” are substituted with the stones engraved with the words “not now.” All rooms are equipped with Nexus devices with newspapers, magazines and specially developed 1 Hotel App for 24/7 service.

Paloma Teppa with her project Plant the Future gave her creative touch. All in all, she has used 11 000 different species of native tropical plants to create a living green wall in the lobby, the main banquet hall, for terrariums in each room and at “Laboratory of Plants” (the changing exhibition) and to planting in and around the hotel. In addition to the beauty of the plants, they play an important role in cleaning the air through phytoremediation process.

The roof deserves special attention. Nikola Gradinski has revolutionized it having created a 33-meter swimming pool and a wide variety of places to chill. The ocean view is seeing from any corner of the 7500 sq.m. roof.

Furthermore, an organization of the hotel’s daily operational processes is based on reducing the use of recourses, waste minimization and conserving non0renuwables.

1 Hotel South Beach – a celebration of nature’s beauty, comfort, and call to connect with the outside world.


Reservations: 866.615.1111
Rates starts from 330 USD

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