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Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Surrounded by art

Rugged countryside of Uruguay beautifully contrasts with the white sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Among them one can find many other bright and beautiful places. One of them is Estancia Vik hotel.

The hotel welcomes guests with the large mirror-like pool and passing through the yard, right off the bat in the light central living room one can see the piece of art – white marble sculpture, created by Pablo Atchugarry.

There is a real modern art museum within the walls of the Estancia Vik hotel, are made in the Spanish classical colonial architecture.

The ceiling of the living room was painted by the contemporary artist Clever Lara. José Ignacio countryside, beachfront of Punta del Este and the historic center Montevideo (Uruguay capital) are depicted on it. Live art exhibition continues on  the walls, where semi-precious crystal stone formations hang as paintings. Thanks to Marcelo Daglio the architect “the gallery” moves softly to the courtyards and patio which let the sunshine in and make it possible to watch constellations views.

A traditional Urugayan barbeque stands at the north side of the hotel, decorated in the Estancia Vik bright style. The author is Marcelo Legrand. He also decorated one of the 12 hotel suites. Each suite is unique and reflects spirit of free art and great skills of local artists.

On the south side is a wine cellar, lined with red bricks without the use of any mortar. The dinning room is decorated in the same red bricks style. Its wide windows look to the meadow and the winding river. Next – a large garden and a large glossy absolute nero stone pool framed with white walls and arches. Not far there are the spa and gym. Its  windows, similar to the ones in the dinning room, look to the side of the spacious meadows followed with the shore of the ocean two kilometers apart.


Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio

Camino Eugenio Saiz Martinez, Kilometro 8

Jose Ignacio, Maldonado, Uruguay

Т: +598 (94) 60 5212 605 314


Rates starts from 270 USD

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