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Haymarket, Stockholm

A New Image of Roaring Twenties

A new hotel the Haymarket by Scandic Group has been opened this spring in Stockholm. The hotel clearly differs from other Scandic hotels. According to Lars Sandberg, the General Manager, – the new hotel is destined to change the usual perception of their chain. People, food, design and atmosphere will inspire its visitors.

For historical reasons, this place has always been crowded. The hotel’s name literally comes from the name of a square “hay market” that had served as a marketplace since the late 1600s. Later in the 1880s several clothing boutiques appeared around the Hotorget square. And in 1916, Paul U. Bergstrom built a house (which now houses the hotel) and opened the PUB department store. The PUB has become a retail landmark for Stockholm residents and its visitors.

The new hotel fulfils not only its classic functions but also it is a platform for large-scale events, a movie premieres, a place where guests can meet for an evening cocktail, a midday smoothie or a breakfast. There is an entire floor available for various events, equipped with a fully-featured movie hall. Also, an executive suite with attached extensive rooftop terrace will be available as an event space catering both private and business events.

The hotel also serves as the obvious food destination for Stockholm residents. The “Paul’s” restaurant welcomes visitors with the art deco inspired foyer. An extravagant staircase draws your eye upwards to the open kitchen. One of the gentle reminders of the PUB’s past is the “Greta’s” cafe, named so as a tribute to Greta Garbo. She started her career as a sales clerk in the hat department of the store, later she was photographed for a fall hat lookbook and other promotions and subsequently, she became a famous Hollywood actress.

The Koncept, the Stockholm architecture and interior design firm, became the head of the interior design changes. The design team chose to restore original art deco details including patterned floors, curved stairway rails and the entrance’s gallery-like look. The historical elements contrast with the custom-designed pieces from Koncept and Sika Design, &Tradition, Rubn and Gubi. In modern rooms (all in all there are 405 hotel rooms and 16 suites) the atmosphere of the 1920`s is created via décor: velvet couches and marble countertops, golden accessories and custom-made textiles.

Haymarket, inspired by the building’s rich history, is yet contemporary in its style.

tel: +46 8 517 26 700, email:
Rates starts from 162 EUR

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