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Hotel Vernet Paris, France

Modern Inside and Barely Noticeable Outside – It’s a Spot of Arts and Leisure.

The Vernet Hotel radiates the modern spirit and accuracy in the use of materials, colours, and textures. All the elements are dynamic and space is inviting to perceive it. From the first step one can experience a bright and sparkling atmosphere of the hall, the marble floor and decorative copper wall lines reflect night lights. Designer Francois Champsaur exquisitely combines French elegance and the modernity. White columns in the hall lead to a lobby where bright abstract design carpets are falling together with the designer’s accessories and a chandelier by Eric Schmitt. Lights and copper glow can be seen also in the marvelous hotel bar, which doesn’t look like any other one. An atmosphere of lightness and nobility interweaves with the playfulness, artistically represented with the ceiling fresco by Jean-Michel Alberola who is also the author of the carpet design.

Staying at the hotel gives a feeling that the art inhabits all the rooms. You will face it wherever you go. Having come to the restaurant, you will realize that the big glass roof is one of a kind – the space above your head is created by Gustave Eiffel, a great man who left in some cities the symbols forever imprinted in our memories. The designer gave attention to a restaurant preserving its history but introduced a modern trend by opening the kitchen area for visitors through a wide glass panel. Paintings by famous artists are decorating the walls here and there, creating an impression of the stay in the collector’s house who loves finding new places for new masterpieces.

One can get to the room by the modern elevator, finished with wood and glass, or ascend the staircase lit by the light coming through the coloured glass – a tribute to traditions and modern era. In a well-lit corridor, one can see small console tables with rooms numbers. When inside the room, you can forget about Paris noise and make yourself comfortable on the sofa surrounded by the oak used for the decoration. All the elements create a calming, delicate atmosphere and a feeling of a stay in an oasis.

It’s all about pleasant, modern, sophisticated and cultural Hotel Vernet Paris.


Hotel Vernet Paris Champs Elysees

25 rue Vernet – 75008 Paris – France

T: 33 (0)1 44 31 98 00

Rates starts from 249 EUR

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