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L’Auberge de Sedona, Arizona, USA

Red cliffs, the sun, and leafy shade

The State of Arizona welcomes you to see famous Grand Canyon, Colorado river, have a look at the bottom of Barringer Crater, or as they also call it, Canyon Diablo Crater, and cross one of the deserts. Meanwhile, you may rest and get your strength back in the L’Auberge de Sedona Hotel of the same name city of Sedona.

Get a chance to immerse into a wonderful nature of the area, accompanied by the sound of the babbling Oak spring or the ruffle of the sycamore leaves. 61 cottages and 26 rooms make an excellent selection. It can be either a forest suite by the river, a villa for a big company or a cottage with your lovely pets allowed. Irrespective of the choice, the atmosphere of coziness, a link with nature penetrates each room, numerous terraces, balconies and sitting areas.

An orderly modern design applies natural materials of the pleasant color palette. A special accent is made on the environmental friendliness and a tribute is paid to modern technologies. It’s all about spacious wooden terraces (and sometimes balconies too) and equally spacious rooms with wide open doors and fireplaces adding to the overall comfort. Panoramic windows are opening the view of Snoopy Rock, Giants Thumb, Elephant Rock; besides, panoramic windows are opening a beautiful view of the sunrise straight from the bathroom, while maintaining the privacy. Such a charge of morning energy will make hiking even more useful and healthier.

With a considerable number of sightseeing places, both natural and cultural, – the city of Sedona is remarkable for its great love of arts and festivals. The Sedona Art Centre, Mountain Trails Galleries, galleries Kuivato and Lanning, the cultural village of Tlaquepaque, Sedona International Film Festival, Mountain Bike Festival, Illuminate Film Festival, Winefest, Arts Festival and other events are interesting as they are.

The hotel offers a wide range of services and facilities. For instance, a swimming pool is filled with mineralized water without any unnatural or unhealthy for the skin substances added. One can enjoy massage services on his/her own terrace facing the tinkling spring, where no one can see you with, and no walls around either. Dine in the L’Auberge restaurant marked by the Conde Nast Traveler as «One of the Top Ten Restaurants in the Southwest» and later make use of an opportunity to spend time in the company of an astronomer calling for a star sky journey.

T.: 855 702 0063
rates starts from 295 USD per night

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