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MORPHotel – luxury concept-hotel

New Form – New Opportunities

The main concept of the MORPHotel consist of the idea of unhampered traveling at unlimited distances, be it 1 000 km trip or a journey around the world.

There are no borders for new discoveries! This time seas and oceans are also included to the list of sought out places. The MORPHotel can adopt its forms according to weather states and coast relief.

At the same time it, having bent in the form of a horseshoe, can become a serene haven for small boats and ships or function as an extended slow-speed object (the whole spine is 1 km long). It helps to enjoy the boating through the vast waters. Such form changes are possible due to the linear structure constructed round the ‘vertebral spine’ of the hotel.

The luxury hotel’s concept can excite not only guests of the hotel but also any city where a stop will be made. All services of the hotel are available for locals: a visit to the theater, restaurants, garden, fitness center and shopping area.

Thus, the traditional division between the tourists arrived from the sea and locals is neutralized. Crossing a pier guests get in the lobby where the reception and other administrative premises are located.  Those who arrived on a helicopter or vessel also can get into the hotel from the pier. In the central zone – in the lobby – there are all kinds of entertainment and on both sides the suites are located. They look like capsules connected to the ‘spine’. There are lots of suite types: from glass room located at the water level, to luxury rooms that function as independent boats.

Besides all, the hotel is maximally independent and self-sufficient. Modern eco-friendly technologies allow to use solar and water energy without damages and convert the energy into the elements for supporting our lives (energy, drinking water, producing certain types of food). And the latest naval construction development provides means of saving existence of the MORPHotel in the waters.

Designer: Gianluca Santosuosso (engineer- architect)

Professor: Willy Muller –IaaC director (research studio – self-sufficient building)

Assistant: Maite Bravo


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