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Padaste Manor, Estonia

Idyllic Baltic seaside parkland where time takes a rest

Estonian coast is indented with a thousand small islands.  On such islands fast city life loses its rhythm and one can pacify his emotions surrounded by windmills, thatched cottages, and quiet fishing villages. One of such islands is Muhu, the smallest one and well isolated and good transport connection at the same time. Add the great history of the island imparted big specificity to the island and drawing power of the Padaste Manor hotel and we obtain idyllic atmosphere for having rest.

700-year long stay of the von Buxhoeveden family on the island brought not only to the highly-developed agriculture but also added a flavour of the St. Petersburg luxury. Charlotte, the Earl`s wife, brought a retinue consisted of many writers and artists during her summer holidays. Over the years other members of the family transformed the house and attached new rooms. Someones made changes in a different way. For example, Alexander, the last landowner, felt passion for nature. He brought different trees from his frequent trips and replenished his flora collection. Most of the trees even now provide shade on sunny summer days and cover the autumn grass with their yellow leaves.

In the period of the USSR the estate was neglected and only in 1996 it was noticed by Martin Breuer and Imre Sooäär. 2 years of the restoration revived the former proud look of it. Since 2008 the Padaste Manor hotel has been working as a small luxury resort with magnificent spa complex. There are several rooms in the main house of the estate, several suites in a stone house in the middle of the apple orchard and separate private house. The total guests capacity of the resort is 63 people.

At the disposal of the guests of the spa (where all care products are made of natural ingredients daily), there is a billiard room with a smoking area, wine cellar, “poetry” loft with shelves filled with books, a bar with a fireplace and big variety of ways of entertainment outdoors.

Martin Breuer, the hotelier, reminds about the estate’s great past and calls the restaurant in honor of Alexander von Buxhoeveden, the wildlife collector. The winter garden of the restaurant has a very charming park and bay view. One of the tasks set by Martin, was a revival of Nordic cuisine. For this purpose a team went on an expedition to the islands to communicate with the locals, to try, to invent.


Simple luxury – it is the Padaste Manor’s philosophy, the main mission of the founders and service basis.

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