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The Beaumont, London

A Story according to Fitzgerald

In the heart of modern London Jeremy King and Chris Corbin successful and famous restaurateurs lived out their dream of starting The Beaumont hotel.

Gathered support of such professionals as Reardon Smith Architects and Richmond International, they revived the classy-grandstand and yet full of intimacy spirit of pre-war days. They revived the hotel and added modern luxury to this cocktail.

The blossom period starts for the art deco style hotel built in 1926 – the hotel full of old world’s aesthetics and values complies with modern achievements confidently when choosing technologies. At disposal of the hotel visitors The Colony Grill Room – restaurant’s door is always opened. It’s style reflects the period of 1920s and high-tony club restaurants of New York which later appeared in London. The American Bar is sober and full of special atmosphere. It arises sensation of Hemingway’s or Fitzgerald’s presence. The Cub Room is lounge area only for guests and their friends. And in the Lotos Room there is a versatile private dining room. All is covered with walnut and cherry paneling, bespoke art deco carpet, antiques and paintings gracing the walls.

Upstairs there are suites. Each one among the 73 suites is a real delight for a perfectionist’s eyes. Besides comfort pleasure, one can entertain oneself with a great book. Cooperating with Heywood Hill (cult bookstore has been working in Mayfair since 1936) Jeremy King has assembled a good library according to his taste.  He finds it interesting to find a biography book or memoirs in the hotel. Reading of a such book does not require finishing of it and one won’t be disappointed leaving the hotel earlier.

A monumental artwork of Antony Gormley is the maraschino cherry of The Beaumont hotel cocktail. His sculpture adorning the facade of the hotel from the outside, attracts even more attention from the inside. Anthony continues his dialogue concerning the interaction of the human body and surrounding space and how it can awake fresh thoughts, new feelings and behavior. Inside of the sculpture there is an unusual bedroom, a part of the suite exceeding the bounds of the standard concept of the sleeping place. Passing through an exclusively white marble bathroom one can get into the cube 10 meters high and only 4 meters wide. Behind a dark curtain there is a room decorated with fumed oak with one snow-white bed and a window overhead. Here the monumental meets with the most intimate under cloud of night.


The Beaumont

Brown Hart Gardens, Mayfair, London W1K 6TF

T: 44 20 7499 1001


Rates starts from 395 GBP

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